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Welcome to the inclusive design toolkit, which aims to answer three critical questions:

1. What is inclusive design?

Inclusive design applies an understanding of customer diversity to the design of mainstream products to better satisfy the needs of more people.

2. Why do inclusive design?

Products that are more inclusive can reach a wider market, improve customer satisfaction and drive business success, especially given the ageing population.

3. How to get started?

Getting started involves understanding what is different about an inclusive design process and then working out what changes are needed to actually do it.

Further toolkit sections contain supplementary knowledge and tools for inclusive design.

Inclusive design tools

Contains additional tools to assist inclusive design, including a Vision and Hearing Impairment Simulator, Cambridge Simulation Gloves and Glasses, and an Exclusion calculator.

User capabilities

Understanding the variation of user abilities within the target market should inform business design decisions.


Toolkit highlights

This video showcases the Cambridge Simulation Gloves and Glasses, which are available for sale within Inclusive design tools. Also see the corresponding press release.

About us

The toolkit was developed by the University of Cambridge, Engineering Design Centre and sponsored by BT.

Inclusive design training

Further information on a 2-day training course, including how to book.