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About us

This website was developed by the University of Cambridge, Engineering Design Centre (www-edc.eng.cam.ac.uk) and sponsored by BT (www.bt.com).

The guidance and resources contained within reflect 12 years of inclusive design research, conducted by 3 successive i~design research consortia (www-edc.eng.cam.ac.uk/idesign3), funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (www.epsrc.ac.uk). The website itself was further by the KT-EQUAL initiative (www.kt-equal.org.uk).

The Designing with people website was also developed by the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design as an output of the the i~design research consortium. A video summarising the i~design research outputs is available on the About us section of the Designing with people website, and an 8 page summary report is also available to download.

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If you have any comments, feedback or queries regarding the content of this website, then please contact us by email at:


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The development of this website and its underlying research were primarily funded through i~design and KT equal initiatives, which were funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council.


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