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Accessibility features

Navigation instructions for screen readers

This website is arranged with two levels of hierarchy, and all of the primary content can be reached using the links within the navigation menu. The HTML title tag gives a complete description of your current location on the site.

The presentation order for screen readers is as follows

  • Skip to links for navigation menu and main content
  • Banner and search box
  • Navigation menu
  • Colour Scripture and font size changer
  • Main content, starting with H1 title of page
  • Skip to link for navigation menu
  • Footer links to supplementary pages, such as About us

The toolkit homepage contains links to every other page on this site, so there is no need for a separate sitemap

Accessibility statement

This website has been implemented using pure (X)HTML and Cascading Style Sheets for greater usability, cross-browser compatibility and accessibility. All images have associated alt, title, and longdesc attributes as required.

You can change the colour scheme and font size of the entire website using the control underneath the left-hand menu.

The presentation of this website is enhanced by JavaScript, which should be enabled by default. This allows images to be presented at a size appropriate for the window that you are using to view the site: larger images will be shown if you increase your window size. Clicking on an image will grey out the rest of the page, and show you the image at an even larger size.

If JavaScript is disabled, then the menu to select the colourscheme will not appear, the images will be displayed at their smallest size, and you can click on the images to obtain a larger version in a pop-up window.

Screenshot of toolkit homepage

Screenshot of the toolkit homepage when viewed with a larger text size and low contrast colour scheme


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