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Update history

March 2015 — Development of toolkit third edition. The colour scheme and homepage were modified. The What is and Why pages were completely rewritten. The How to design inclusively section (previously called "How to get started") was restructured with separate pages for each of the design phases. Some of the descriptions of the individual activities were also updated, and "Further information" boxes were added to many of them, providing links to further information about the activities. "Further information" panels were also added at the end of each of the User capabilities pages. A new Case studies page was added, including some of the case studies from the old "What is inclusive design?" page, but also updating material. A new Links and resources section was added to provide links to further helpful resources.


March 2012 — Launch of Chinese version. Please note that the translation was performed as a one-time process, and the Chinese site might not be updated in future.

February 2012 — Launch of Cambridge Simulation Gloves.


April 2011 — Launch of toolkit second edition. The graphic design of the entire website was completely overhauled, and vertical scrolling now replaces the previous 'next-page' based navigation. A new How to get started section replaced the previous "Inclusive design process" and "Knowledge" sections. The "Interactive resources" section was renamed to Inclusive design tools, and a new Integrated design log and Business case materials were added. If you would like to access the previous version of the inclusive design toolkit, please contact edc-toolkit@eng.cam.ac.uk


Nov 2010 — Launch of Cambridge Simulation Glasses.


Sept 2009 — The home page was revamped, and the site was restructured to better reinforce the key themes of "what is" "why do" and "how to". Screen reader navigation of the site was also streamlined.

June 2009 — The vision and hearing impairment simulators were combined into a single application, which also hosts an installable version of the simulators. Some new sample images were added to the vision impairment simulator, including ones that specifically demonstrate colourblindness and short and long sightedness. A test clip was added to the hearing impairment simulator to encourage users to set their volume correctly.

April 2009 — The exclusion calculator was updated with a new interface.


August 2007 — The contents of the website were published as a book

July 2007 — Website launched.

Screenshot of toolkit homepage

The third edition of the Inclusive Design Toolkit was launched in May 2015


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