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Every design decision can make the user experience better or worse. Successful inclusive design requires informed decision-making at the concept stage, because it can become prohibitively expensive to make changes later on.

This section explains how inclusive design can be incorporated into concept design, examining underlying questions and principles, as well as describing key activities to support the various phases of the design cycle.

In order to implement the activities described here, read through this section and then follow the further instructions.

Overview of concept design

Explains how four fundamental questions of concept design are answered through the Manage, Explore, Create and Evaluate phases of the design cycle. Key principles of inclusive concept generation are also described.

Map of key activities

A clickable map showing how various inclusive design activities and phases fit into the model of the design cycle.


Describes key activities in project management.


Describes key activities in exploring the success criteria that the product needs to fulfill.


Describes key activities in creating conceptual solutions to meet the success criteria.


Describes key activities in examining how well the conceptual solutions meet the success criteria.

Further instructions

Provides instructions for putting all this into practice.

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The "How to get started" section was authored by Ian Hosking, Sam Waller and Joy Goodman-Deane.


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