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Overview of inclusive design tools

The following tools can help to put inclusive design into practice. Many of these are available for free, while others are available to buy. A video showing some of these in action is available on the About us section of the Designing with people website.

Watch this video to see the simulation gloves and glasses in action.

Capability loss simulation

Simulate a reduction in vision, hearing and dexterity capabilities to provide insight into the effect that capability loss has on product use.

Cambridge Simulation Gloves

Simulate dexterity impairment

Cambridge Simulation Glasses

Simulate vision impairment

Impairment simulator software

Demonstrate effects of vision and hearing impairments on image and sound files

Exclusion calculation

Estimate the proportion of the British population who would be unable to use a product or service because of the demands it places on the users' capabilities.

Exclusion calculator

Estimate numbers who would be unable to use a product or service


Estimate numbers who would be unable to see handheld text or graphics

Managing the process

Support the adoption and implementation of the inclusive design Process described within this website.

Design process checklist

Check if an existing design process has the critical components for inclusive design

Business case presentation

Explain what inclusive design is and why it is important

Business case materials

Produce a business case for a particular inclusive design project

Guidelines and resources

Additional guidelines and resources.

E-commerce image recommendations

Design clearer e-commerce images

Example set of personas

Examine personas illustrating variation in the population

Links & resources

Browse further information on websites, books, conferences, and training courses

Get training

Give your company a head start in understanding inclusive design


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