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Inclusive design of transport services

This section explains how the Inclusive Design Wheel process can be applied to the design of inclusive transport services. Inclusive design is crucial in this sector, especially for public transport services, which are aimed at use by the whole population and where accessibility is often mandated by law.

The guidance on how to apply the Inclusive Design Wheel to transport service design was developed as part of the EU funded DIGNITY project. Find out more about this project.


Introduction to the Inclusive Design Wheel for transport.

Map of key activities for transport

Map of key activities.

Manage activities

Details of the Manage phase, which keeps the overall process on track.

Explore activities

Details of the Explore phase, which is about gaining a deeper understanding of the criteria that the service needs to fulfil.

Create activities

Details of the Create phase, which is about creating possible solutions.

Evaluate activities

Details of the Evaluate phase, which is about determining how well the proposed concepts meet the needs.

Inclusive design log (Transport)

A PowerPoint file for recording notes and findings about each of the activities.

About this project

Find out more about DIGNITY, which funded developing the Inclusive Design Wheel for inclusive design of transport services.