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Links & resources

This section provides further information on websites, books, conferences, training courses and organisations relevant to inclusive design and the related disciplines of ‘Design for all’ and ‘Universal design’.

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Websites and books

This list contains resources that aim to inform design decisions with a population-based perspective of diversity. It does not include resources focused on designing to accommodate specific disabilities. Full details of books and papers are given in the References section at the end of the list.

  • This inclusive design toolkit was originally written as a book in 2007 (Download as a PDF). However, note that the website has been developed through multiple subsequent releases since then, and nearly all of the content has been rewritten or updated.
  • The Universal Design File (Story et al, 1998) is a practical guide to universal design.
  • Keates and Clarkson (2003)’s book gives an introduction to inclusive design.
  • Preiser and Smith (2010)’s book is a comprehensive handbook on universal design, covering a range of design sectors
  • The British Standards Institute (2005)’s guide provides guidance on managing inclusive design in business settings.
  • The website provides articles, links and information on universal design.
  • The Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) provides specific tools for planning/managing and evaluating web accessibility. Yoyo Design have also published this Complete guide to web accessibility.
  • Eldertech’s website provides advice on designing technology for older people.
  • The G3ict e-accessibility policy toolkit is a guide for policymakers implementing universal design in accordance with the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.


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Keates S and Clarkson PJ (2003) Countering design exclusion: An introduction to inclusive design. Springer: London, UK.

Preiser W, Smith KH (eds) (2010) Universal Design Handbook. 2nd Edition. McGraw-Hill, New York.

British Standards Institute (2005) British Standard 7000-6:2005. Design management systems - Part 6: Managing inclusive design - Guide.

Conferences and workshops